Branch in Malaysia

Mary Ann Gong

With 15 years  of high-end corporate accounting and auditing experience, she is well accustomed to various industries and companies of any size. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures desired outcome every time.

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Jasmine Gong

 Jasmine’s expertise is in providing full range of professional accounting service. Her 9 years of experience has provided her with vast knowledge in business operations and regulatory compliance.

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Senior Associate

The Real-Time Strategic Thinking model is even more powerful in fast moving markets. Think Asia. Our office in Kuala Lumpur taps us into a financial environment unlike any other. Here, we specialise in South East Asian business growth with a focus on manufacturing, investment and professional services to align our client’s needs closely with emerging opportunities. This is a satellite office fully integrated with our team here in Melbourne. 

A photo of a woman from waist up, her hair is shoulder length, she is facing the camera

KL Manager

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Reconciling over 100 transactions a day by reconciling between customers’ emails and bank statements.

Work Orders

For Project Fire, we assist fire technicians to create jobs in their system to enable them to start and complete the job. We process around 60 to 80 jobs a day. 

Safety Certificates

For Project Electric, we assist in creation and production of electrical safety certificates to ensure the property has been serviced and completed in accordance with the regulations.

Sales Invoice

We generate 100 invoices daily on average for our clients. Which includes companies and contractors.