CLIENT: Holt Group

Some entities in the business world have an amazing knack for acquiring companies and helping them transition into much more successful operations. To do so requires considerable lateral thinking and rare corporate judgement. The Holt Group is the embodiment of these virtues.

Real Time Strategic Thinking provides Clyne Partners with the agility and flexibility to not just keep pace with this kind of lateral thinking, but to provide a suite of services that match the Holt Group’s every need at any given moment. 

A privately held investment organisation, the Holt Group has the vision required to soar in the business world, together with the energy to make things happen, and happen fast. With an appetite for a challenge, the principals of The organisation apply their thinking to a broad array of ventures. 

For Clyne Partners, the support we provide is wide ranging – from creating and installing a complex tax compliance structure to providing macro and micro advice across all aspects of their fascinating business, including transactional and restructuring counsel and implementation. Of course, it helps that we know this client well and have done for more than three decades. And it also helps that we are in a position to advise at a moment’s notice because we manage their financial affairs using Real Time Strategic Thinking giving them up to the minute costing analysis, profitability management and transaction services.


‘It doesn’t seem to matter how much pressure we apply to the Clyne Partners team – they absorb it and come back quickly with the right advice. They know how we operate – it’s seamless.’

Holt Group.