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Take admin off your list, we got it covered.

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Why Choose Us?

Allowing business owners to focus attention on increasing revenue 

whilst we take care of the back office needs.

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Reconciling over 100 transactions a day by reconciling between customers’ emails and bank statements.

Work Orders

For Project Fire, we assist fire technicians to create jobs in their system to enable them to start and complete the job. We process around 60 to 80 jobs a day. 

Safety Certificates

For Project Electric, we assist in creation and production of electrical safety certificates to ensure the property has been serviced and completed in accordance with the regulations.

Sales Invoice

We generate 800 invoices daily on average for our clients. Which includes companies and contractors.

Clients Love Us Because:

We are experts:


Qualified Chartered Accountants (CA) leaders with decades of experience in various industries.

We reduce cost:


Our team provides the highest quality of work output whilst maintaining affordability.

We adapt fast:


Adaptability into any team is our fortê because we are fast learners and elite communicators.

Our Expert Consultants:

A photo of a woman from waist up, her hair is shoulder length, she is facing the camera
A photo of a woman from waist up, her hair is shoulder length, she is facing the camera
  • Reliable in meeting deadlines.

  • Consistent in maintaining a high quality work output.

  • Registered Australian Tax Agent (Australian Taxation Board)

  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAA)

  • Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) 

  • Adaptable to the changing needs of clients.

  • Successful in reducing cost in all facets of administration.

  • Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAA)

  • Member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) 


My sister Jasmine and I, have developed a business that allows business owners an opportunity to increase accounting and administration efficiencies, whilst heavily decreasing the business costs.  

Essentially, we form part of your team taking on specific tasks that require a reduction of cost, or a dependable continuity of performance.   

We ask business owners to nominate the best (or worst) workers they have and relieve them of tasks that they should not or do not want to be doing. These tasks are performed by us, CPO Solutions, at a highly competitive price. This allows quality staff to focus on producing proper value for the owners. 

Our business is 3 years old. We developed from performing basic accounting work, to various forms of administrative function for our growing number of clients.  

I am based in Melbourne, Australia whilst Jasmine is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are both Australian Chartered Accountants with over 15 years of experience each. Our accounting and administration business is based in two offices, our father’s accounting practice in Kuala Lumpur and my husband’s accounting practice based here in Melbourne. We started this administration business out of the need to assist Clyne Partners Chartered Accountants in Melbourne. The influx in need for staffing needed to support its rapid growth.

There was always the constant juggle between not enough and too many staff members. Considering how expensive staff is in Australia, this was a constant problem. Despite two attempts at taking time off for maternity leave, I was always brought in to facilitate this growth, all while raising two kids under 3, so we found a solution.

Jasmine was the first employee of Clyne Partners Chartered Accountants many years ago. Despite not living in Australia for many years now, she has been continually assisting Clyne Partners in various accounting and administrative roles. My husband, David Clyne of Clyne Partners was always impressed with how hard staff worked in Kuala Lumpur and how affordable they were given the advantageous exchange rates. As a result, we hired staff members to perform administrational task for Clyne Partners.  

The stigma of offshoring work is that we replace people and their jobs. This can happen, however, we have found in most circumstances, when we win a client, we are utilised to take on specific tasks to free up the time of a valuable worker. The worker can continue to focus on business aspects that improves value to the growth of the business, rather than administrative tasks.   

As Jasmine and I manage the staff that perform these tasks we can provide continuity in the task required, as well as the quality required by the owner. The owner does not have to worry about managing staff and all the compliance that comes with staff management (i.e. payroll tax, PAYG, annual leave and sick leave). This is the primary reason our intended short-term clients have now become our longer-term clients. We fit into any team as our biggest strengths are the fact we are fast learners with elite communication and strongly dynamic organisation. We currently report to all levels – CEO’s, CFO’s, managers, seniors and junior staff.  

If there are administration tasks based around computers, we relieve burdens, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs and time. The relationship between the two offices is positive and connected.

If you need support in administration roles no matter what industry you are in, let us know.


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