CLIENT: SCEAM Construction

Ask anyone. The building trade has a long history of fantastically talented builders, but often their systems of financial accountability are not in line with these talents. It’s a lot more complicated than it looks, with a myriad of small transaction that create a swathe of complexities that directly impact the overall financial position. For SCEAM Construction, Clyne Partners developed a bespoke financial system based on complex modelling that allows them to see exactly where they are on any project at any given moment. This is the embodiment of the kind of Real Time Strategic Thinking that Clyne Partners brings to the equation.

While the number of banking transactions and sheer complexity of operations has not significantly changed for SCEAM Construction, the manner in which these transactions is monitored is now industry leading. And in an industry which suffers from an element of chaos in terms of financial analysis, having Real Time Strategic Thinking on your side is a serious competitive advantage. With significantly streamlined financials and up-to-the-minute analysis, SCEAM Constructions is able to focus on what it does best – that is, create high end residential apartment buildings that turn heads.


‘What we get from Clyne Partners is the complete financial picture in stunning resolution. Without their innovative piece of software developed for our business, we would struggle to be anywhere near our best.’

– SCEAM Construction